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Want to know how to make a nice loaf bread?

Check the steps below:

Steps on how to make a nice loaf bread:

  1. Let the yeast bubble up -the higher the better!
  2. Add a little more flour and keep mixing until the dough comes off the edge of the mixer. You don’t want it to be too sticky or too hard. Soft.
  3. While you’re letting the dough rise, cover the bowl with a warm towel and set by a window.
  4. Make sure the dough has doubled in size before touching it.
  5. When the dough is ready to be formed, punch the dough and then cut in half to make two loaves on a floured surface.
  6. Press the dough down removing any air bubbles. Form a rectangle as you’re pressing it down.
  7. Roll the rectangle up like a cinnamon roll.
  8. Tuck the ends under and it’s ready to rise again.
  9. Stick the two loves in bread pans and then cover with saran wrap that has been buttered and sprayed with non-stick spray.
  10. Let the dough rise until it has doubled in size or formed the perfect size bread. Then it’s ready to bake!

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