Science and magic of making good bread

If you need to be told a way to bake bread, here’s an exquisite place to begin. This straightforward light bread instruction bakes up deliciously golden brown. there is nothing just like the homemade aroma wafting through my room because it bakes. I created YOUR instruction AND it’s the simplest. I LOVE IT. created SOME THIS MORNING and that we make SANDWICHES FOR LUNCH. YES. thanks, AND BLESS YOU.

Do you know how to make good bread? Read the article below by Lady Lee Bakery to learn the steps of making good bread.

When I think of bread my mind goes back to cold Saturday mornings with ice on the inside of the patio doors and cartoons blazing on the television. My dad would get up early and, after eating his porridge, would begin to make bread. He would mix all the ingredients in a large ceramic bowl that was crystal-white on the inside and biscuit-brown on the outside. I would watch as the flour became dough and the dough grew and grew in the warm kitchen. I would linger near the oven to smell the earthy fresh bread as it baked, waiting for the treatment of eating the crusty end slice of the loaf with a thick slab of butter.


Flour 500g
Instant active dried yeast (as specified on the packet)
Warm water 300g
A quick glug of olive oil
Pinch of salt (to taste)


  1. Ingredients
  2. Feeding the yeast
  3. Add the regular flour
  4. Kneading
  5. First rise
  6. Punch it down
  7. Second rise plus preheating
  8. Baking and cooling
  9. Eat and store

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