Biscuit History

Do you know what is the biscuit history?

Where does biscuit originate?

These are the brief explanation about biscuit history:

The word biscuit is derived from the Latin words bis cotus, meaning twice baked. The idea of making biscuits goes back to the Romans. However biscuits, as we know them, were developed in the Middle Ages.

We as a whole love scones close by a decent cup of tea, yet have you at any point pondered where your rolls initially originated from? Curiously the straightforward bread that we love to enjoy has a history going back to the Roman Empire.

People have eaten pancakes since the Middle Ages. (The earliest recipe dates from the 15th century). At that time people were supposed to fast certain foods during Lent, the 40 days before Easter. They were also supposed to confess their sins. The old word for confessing was shriven so the day when confessions were made was shriven or shriven Tuesday. Later it became Shrove Tuesday. At that time making pancakes was a useful way of using up food like butter, eggs, and milk before the period of fasting.

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